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Need lifeguards? We provide full-service swimming club management for Country Clubs, Homeowners’ Associations and Municipalities. Not only are our lifeguards trained to provide the utmost safety at your pool, they are also trained to deliver the type of member-service that our clients expect and deserve. We ensure that your pool is fully staffed with a highly qualified swim club manager and lifeguards while also providing the following:

These Services Include

The SCMG Advantage

SCMG provides multiple layers of experienced and highly qualified management with high oversight to ensure a quality service. Each facility’s staff receives a hands-on, facility-specific training from a Regional Director prior to their first day of work in addition to an in-depth orientation, safety, and customer service training. SCMG also prides itself on providing a hospitality training program for each lifeguard, a program designed and led by one of the Club Industry’s most reputable professionals.

Lifeguard Management

At the heart of our business is the need to maintain a safe swimming environment for our clients. SCMG specializes in providing Full-Service Management for Clients that need their pool managed by lifeguards. SCMG provides the most high-trained lifeguards in the industry. We ensure all of our lifeguards have received the proper safety and hospitality training before and throughout the summer.

These Trainings Include

All SCMG lifeguards are certified by the American Red Cross.
  • SCMG employs Full-Time American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard Instructors to ensure that all employees meet our certification standards.
SCMG’s Lifeguard Instructors spends May – September making unannounced “drops” to the Swim Clubs to test the lifeguards’ skills to keep them alert, active, and prepared if an emergency occurs.
  • Any Lifeguard not passing the random skills test is pulled off their shift immediately and not allowed to work again until they complete and pass a retraining class.
Lifeguards must attend in-service trainings throughout the summer to continue employment with SCMG.
Lifeguards must attend customer service and hospitality trainings designed and led by one of the Club Industry’s most reputable professionals.

The SCMG Advantage

We combine this industry leading training with a business model that involves constant oversight by our full-time professional staff. This layer of oversight and accountability for our lifeguard staff combined with our client service approach has created an astonishing 97% client retention rate.